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Meyru's Nic Grunewald on the Power of Authenticity

After self-recording their debut album, Good to See You, New York indie rockers Meyru supported the album's release with a series of sold-out shows all over New York City, San Francisco, Atlanta, DC, and Charlotte. The album’s single "She" found breakaway success on streaming platforms, allowing Meyru to reach a truly global fanbase. Lead singer Nic Grunewald sits down with Brian and Nick to discuss the band's future plans and new single "I'd Ask... But I Know You're Alright", as well as the strategies that are working for an indie band in a post-Covid world.

Show Notes:

[0:55] Nic tells us about moving to New York City as a musician starting out, and the difficulties of dealing with the pandemic in 2020.

[4:34] How the band got in touch with legendary sound engineer Dan Millis.

[6:58] Nic discusses the digital avenues and strategies that are working for Meyru, and how to hold onto fans and keep them engaged.

[15:40] How Meyru manages their social media and figured out what works and feels authentic for them.

[19:07] Meyru’s approach to live-streaming.

[24:00] How digital media like YouTube, Spotify, and TikTok is changing the way artists release and write songs.

[34:33] The genesis of Meyru’s new single "I’d Ask... But I Know You’re Alright," and what makes something a pop song.

[38:52] Hear "I’d Ask... But I Know You’re Alright"

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