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Adaptive Audio AI

AI for good.
Our AI Makes
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In the AI revolution we are are living through. AI can help creators reach more people.
We spent 2 years developing our model to convert any song into an interactive audio experience. Try it!


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PlusMusic curated playlists
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music (100 songs)

Access to 400,000+
songs in catalog
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the best music
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We built this for you, for us, for gamers, for musicians, for digital natives to take music everywhere.
We love hearing the good and need to hear the "make this better" feedback.
Listen to what the community is saying already!

JohnnieS (Overwolf user)

Love the app - it takes my League
Gameplay to a new levels :D

Mugmanlivinit (Overwolf user)

Needed this! Haven't upgraded to premium yet, still lovin the music in FREE. I see a party play tab in the beta. I want that now!

shownred (Overwolf user)

This is a cool app. Found a few
new bands on here already.
Nice work guys!


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Frequently Asked Questions

How is PlusMusic different from other music services?

PlusMusic adapts your music to your games - that’s the core of our technology.

For each track in the library, our PlusMusic AI creates distinct sequences.
Those sequences are then mapped to game events we receive from each supported game
(kill, damage, heal, etc.) and they make music playback adapt to your game moments.

For games that are not on our list of fully supported, PlusMusic acts as a music player

Are there any technical requirements to use the app?
In order to use PlusMusic, you’ll need to use Windows PC and install the Overwolf app.
 Overwolf downloads automatically with
PlusMusic app install. We’re currently running on desktops only
(with console games coming in the future)
If you're using Mac, make sure to use Parallels (for MacBooks M1, M2) or run Boot Camp (MacBook Intel).
What kind of music does PlusMusic offer?

Our catalog of 400,000+ tracks are all songs from leading indie artists and labels. We licensed the music to be used inside of our service and every artist is fairly compensated. With our Free account, you have limited access to about 100 songs inside the app and our curated playlists.

When you switch to Premium, you unlock PlusMusic’s full library and ability to create custom playlists from the tracks you find inside our catalog.

What does Premium subscription give me?

With PlusMusic Premium, you access the full catalog of 400,000+ songs, ability to create your own custom playlists,access to streamer-safe catalog of music, ads removed from the app and more for $2.99/month.

Start your 7-day FREE trial today!
You can cancel your subscription at any time.

Can I use PlusMusic songs for Twitch streams?


You can use our “Streamer Safe” playlist inside the app during your Twitch and Youtube streams -
your music will not be muted.
We’re currently growing our streamer catalog, and will be updating you on new releases inside the web Portal!

If I'm a musician, can I submit my music to be a part of the App?
The First Adaptive Music App
for Your Games