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Soundtrack Platform

Game music

  • Your amazing game deserves the perfect soundtrack
  • PlusMusic catalog has thousands of original songs and music from artists and composers
  • PlusMusic AI pre-formats each track for adaptive gameplay

Search engine
for Soundtracks

  • No more sifting through pages of music
  • Our revolutionary search engine powered by PlusMusic AI makes finding the perfect soundtrack easy
  • Search for game-based moments such as "battle" or "victory," or search for an artist, genre, and more


  • Iterate instantly
  • Try any soundtrack from the PlusMusic library in-game with the push of a button
  • Test which soundtrack your players love the best

Plugins for
Unity + unreal

  • Easy to learn - complements current workflows
  • Soundtrack your game in minutes
  • Seamless integration from the PlusMusic library direct to your game
  • Plugins available for Unity and Unreal Engine

Music Licensing

  • Every song and soundtrack is fully cleared
  • Songs at every price point
  • Rights management and licensing solved
Video Games