AI Powered Audio Co-Pilot

AI Powered

For Game Developers

Ai Powered Music Editing

Groundbreaking Adaptive Audio AI powers the future of music consumption in digital experiences

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Discover & License Music

Intelligent chat style AI powered search and curated playlists, we make it easy for you to find the perfect music for your game

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Unity & Unreal Integration

Adaptive Audio Plugins for Unreal and Unity seamlessly merge songs into gaming experiences

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Adaptive Audio AI

Experience the future of in-game music with Adaptive Audio AI.

A revolutionary technology that intelligently deconstructs full-length songs into gameplay moments for a seamless, immersive gaming experience.

By effortlessly syncing music to in-game moments and offering perfect playback, it not only saves developers' resources but also expands opportunities for music creators and enables unprecedented player personalization.

Adaptive Audio Plugins

Soundtrack your game in minutes, not days

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Seamless Integration

Connect your Unity or Unreal game project with the PlusMusic library for quick iteration

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Simple to Integrate

Easy to learn - complements current workflows

Unreal and Unity native plugins

Find Your Award Winning Score

Whether your players are escaping a haunted forest, hitting the game winning point at the buzzer, or planting digital corn, our vast library of gameplay formatted music will adapt to your players every move.

Game Soundtracks
Faster Iteration
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Infinite Soundtrack

Let Your Players Decide

Unleash the power of personalization

Our Customizable Game Soundtracks feature allows players to curate their own immersive audio experience. With our adaptive audio technology and a vast library of 400k tracks, players can seamlessly integrate their favorite songs into the gameplay, creating a unique, engaging, and personalized gaming journey.

AAA, Indie, or solo?

PlusMusic soundtrack co-pilot is for you
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