Passionate about games and music

We believe in supporting creators that make things that shape our lives, who's art helps us through the hard times and leads us into a better future. We also believe that finding and adding the best music to any experience doesn't have to be so complex, expensive and time consuming. So we've devoted our careers to help.

Meet the team below....

Meet the
PlusMusic Team

Nick Venti

co-founder & CEO

Brian Karscig

& Head of Music

Aaron Swanton

Product manager

Dasha velasquez

Operations manager

Daniel Schraer

Music manager & Podcast Producer

marko Dupor

Lead engineer

Andy Schmidt

pricipal generalist

Diego Gil

software engineer

Fernando Henrique

software engineer

David ortiz

customer support

cameron summers

Ai Engineer

Charlie Mischer

Business Development
& Partnerships Lead

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