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Gar Ragland & Sean Moore on Vinylkey's Combination of Physical and Digital Collectibles

Gar Ragland is a producer, musician, and entrepreneur. He is the founder and CEO of Citizen Vinyl, a record pressing plant, recording studio, and record shop located in Asheville, North Carolina. Together with entrepreneur and software engineer Sean Moore, they have started a new venture that combines LP's with uniquely ID'd and smartphone-scannable NFT chips - Vinylkey. In linking physical LPs with NFTs on the blockchain, Vinylkey hopes to bridge the gap between the traditional and digital marketplaces as never before. Brian and Nick sit down with Gar and Sean to discuss this exciting new venture and the future of record collecting.

Show Notes:

[1:38] How Gar Ragland founded Citizen Vinyl in Asheville, NC, got connected with Sean Moore, and combined their talents to form Vinylkey.

[4:43] Sean explains how Vinylkey has combined vinyl pressing with NFT minting using NFC chips.

[8:51] How NFTs could be used in the future of consumer markets both in the music space and beyond.

[17:00] What’s next for Vinylkey and what they’re currently working on.

[22:40] Other practical applications of NFTs, including digital performances in the Metaverse.

[26:18] NFT projects that Sean recommends checking out.

[32:45] Hear “Whiplash” by Citizen Vinyl artist Jobi Riccio, produced by Gar Ragland.

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