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Shawn Layden Joins PlusMusic Board to Revolutionize Game Soundtracks with AI Technology

San Diego, CA, 5/24/23 -, an innovative start-up specializing in adaptive audio AI for the gaming industry, is thrilled to announce the appointment of gaming industry veteran Shawn Layden to its board of directors. Layden brings a wealth of experience and leadership from his time at Sony Interactive Entertainment, where he previously held key roles such as Chairman of Worldwide Studios and President of Sony Computer Entertainment America. His deep understanding of the gaming industry and passion for music make him an invaluable addition to the PlusMusic board.

In a statement, Layden expressed his enthusiasm for joining the PlusMusic team: "I'm proud to say that I have accepted a board position with an exciting new start-up, Their proprietary adaptive audio AI provides a remarkable solution for game developers to create AAA soundtracks at indie game budgets. It also brings the growing game development scene a direct access to new and broad-ranging music catalogs and the musicians who make them. Gaming and music have always been kindred spirits, and with PlusMusic they can meld their worlds ever closer." CEO Nick Venti shared his excitement about Shawn joining the board: "We are absolutely delighted to have Shawn on board as we continue to develop our core product, which acts as a co-pilot for developers creating soundtracks. His wealth of experience, knowledge, and enthusiasm will be invaluable in shaping our vision and driving PlusMusic's growth. We can't wait to see how our collaboration will elevate the gaming and music landscape."


PlusMusic.aiĀ  is a pioneering start-up that is transforming audio experiences in gaming, user-generated content, and the metaverse with its state-of-the-art Adaptive Audio AI technology. With seamless integration of a vast 375k song library into Unreal and Unity game engines, PlusMusic delivers dynamic gaming soundtracks that connect millions of fans to songs and artists. Our expert team, backed by gaming investors Play Ventures, nine patents, and an Epic MegaGrant, is committed to cultivating a thriving ecosystem of musicians, composers, and game developers. Boasting an esteemed advisory board, including Shawn Layden (former PlayStation CEO/Chairman) and Ty Roberts (Gracenote Founder), is poised to usher in the next generation of immersive audio experiences.

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