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+PlusMusic is a technology company built to expand the use and monetization of music in high-growth online markets including games, streaming video and other emerging technologies.


Accelerated path to success you control.

How it Works


+PlusMusic curation services makes your music 64x more valuable and discoverable for todays technology and uses.


Our personal and high touch service approach to sync means your music in more places.

Audience Growth

Games, VR/AR, Streamers all need music and have audience. Get your music into their experience and get new fans.

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+PlusMusic is an invite only service at the moment. We love music and listen to every submission.

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Upload your music to PlusMusic in our artist portal and our in house producers and AI will make your music available to our sync partners.

Pro-Level Advisors

Our Pro level service includes 1 on 1 coaching sessions with our music business professionals. These high value sessions help tailor your service and growth.


Campaigns are designed and then executed through our direct coaching software that provides step by step success.

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