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Tatiana Cirisano of MIDia Research Discusses the Metaverse

Music industry analyst, consultant, and reporter, Tatiana Cirisano joins the podcast this week to discuss current industry trends found at MIDia research. Formerly an award winning music journalist at Billboard, Tatiana wrote cover stories on influential artists like Tame Impala, Travis Scott, and Alicia Keys. On the show, Tatiana gets into a deep discussion with Brian and Nick on the future of the music industry and the opportunities posed by the Metaverse.

Show Notes:

[1:23] - How Tatiana got her start in music journalism.

[5:08] - A deep dive discussion of the various applications of music in the Metaverse.

[10:50] - What a virtual concert could provide vs. IRL.

[25:33] - Incentives for artists to do virtual concerts.

[26:45] - A discussion of social media and the difficulties it poses for introverted artists.

[31:44] - What brought Tatiana to MiDia research and a look at how they approach entertainment industry analysis.

[32:57] - MIDia has found data to back up a shift in goals among most artists.

[35:43] - A shift in how younger generations want to interact with music vs passive listening.

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