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Riot Games' Jonny Altepeter on Music and Marketing in Gaming

Jonny Altepeter has music in his bones. Starting out as a musician and vinyl collector he eventually transitioned into music supervision for marketing teams in Hollywood, scoring trailers for huge movies. Recently he found a home for his talents at gaming giant Riot. He's played a large creative role in the marketing for Riot's hit team shooter Valorant and acts a liaison between artists and the gaming industry. Jonny joins the PlusMusic podcast to share his journey, his struggles, and what he's learned over the years as a music supervisor in the worlds of film and gaming.

Show Notes:

(3:16) Jonny discusses the role of music in his projects at Riot Games

(5:13): Adding Neon to Valiant

(10:26): Marketing for games vs marketing for film

(14:36): Time as a musician

(16:44): Sound design for Esports

(19:50): Personal thoughts on the Metaverse

(24:46): Advice for game scoring

(30:32): Love of jazz music

(34:26): Future Projects

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