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R E L on Inspiration and Strategy in 2021

Chicago-born, LA-based artist R E L has garnered notable praise for her soulful ethereal music, which she describes as “EVOCA-POP." Her music has been featured in Wonderland, Atwood, EARMILK, The 405, Popdust, Huffington Post, and has been played on KCRW & MTV Iggy, among other outlets and stations. More recently, her song “Night City” has been featured as one of the main themes for the hit video game Cyberpunk 2077. Brian and Nick sit down with this young artist to discuss how she landed those placements, her relationship with technology and social media, and her strategies when it comes to getting her music heard in 2021.

Show Notes

[1:10] R E L’s singing and family background.

[4:26] How “Night City” came together for Cyberpunk 2077.

[8:43] R E L discusses her relationship with technology and social media.

[14:45] Live shows and livestream quirks.

[22:33] R E L’s love of collaboration and strategy.

[25:23] Dealing with the COVID-19 Pandemic as a young musician, new release strategies.

[30:36] Advice for new musicians in today’s climate.

[34:23] R E L shares her thoughts on touring.

[36:20] Hear “Stumbling” by R E L.

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