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RCRDSHP CEO Obie Fernandez on the Return of Music Ownership

Obie Fernandez has been working at the intersection of music and tech for most of his career. A prolific remixer, writer, DJ, and most recently CEO of the curated NFT platform, RCRDSHP, Obie sits down with Brian and Nick to discuss the potential of NFTs to bring back the culture of music ownership that has dramatically declined in the 21st century.

Show Notes:

[1:44] The origins of RCRDSHP, and why they use the Flow chain instead of other blockchain technologies.

[5:09] The opportunity and possibilities that NFTs represent for musicians.

[11:25] Obie expresses his skepticism about VR and other new technologies, while still advocating for musicians to be flexible and jump on new opportunities that new technology can provide.

[17:59] How RCRDSHP deals with rights management in their NFT market.

[22:17] Why fans would want an NFT and how NFTs can unlock access to an artist.

[29:25] How RCRDSHP is working to build a community of curated high quality artists, and how that makes it stand out from other NFT marketplaces.

[34:46] Fan interaction with NFTs.

[38:42] Digitally native items in the Metaverse and the potential of new forms of music consumption and collaboration.

[48:00] Hear “Have a Nice Day” by Obie Fernandez.

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