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Ralph Sutton on Podcasting and the End of Radio

Ralph Sutton is a seasoned podcast and pop culture commentator with two decades of experience in front of the mic as a TV and radio host. Currently he hosts the hit comedy podcast The SDR Show and in 2016 founded the GaS Digital Network, which reaches 2 million listeners a week across 22 shows. Brian and Nick speak to Ralph about his insider knowledge of the radio and music industries, the death of the old music business, and his transition to digital formats.

Show Notes:

[2:07] How radio could have been viable at the dawn of the Internet age if they had stayed "live and local" instead of attempting to appeal to a national audience.

[7:58] Ralph's thoughts on the decline of radio during his time on the show The Tour Bus, as well as the initial excitement around the first Napster piracy wave.

[17:58] What Ralph believes could have slowed the death of the Compact Disc.

[20:00] The difficulties of the streaming age for musicians, especially during the pandemic.

[22:00] How Ralph started the GaS Digital Network for podcasts.

[28:16] Ralph’s podcast business strategy, including using live-streaming to boost engagement.

[31:25] Why musicians, especially new and unestablished, need to embrace social media and new digital avenues.

[39:21] What’s next for the GaS Digital Network.

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