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P.T. Adamczyk on The Sounds of Cyberpunk 2077

P.T. Adamczyk expressed interest in music from a young age. He started out working as a session and performing drummer, eventually hitting his stride as a composer and producer. He graduated from the Scoring for Motion Pictures and Television program at the University of Southern California, and landed himself a job as Senior Composer for the renowned Polish studio behind the Witcher games: CD Projekt Red. Their most recent title, Cyberpunk 2077, was a massive undertaking many years in the making. P.T. shares his personal journey during the development of the game, as well his inspirations and challenges. He chats with Nick and Brian about his techniques for building a game score, as well as some of his favorite ways to record music.


[1:34 - 4:28] - Getting hired at CD Project Red

[7:55 - 11:22] - Behind the licensed music of Cyperpunk 2077

[12:45 - 14:00] - The composing team of Cyberpunk 2077

[15:46 - 19:44] - Design philosophy behind the music

[23:18] - 24:00] - Deciding on a genre for the music of Cyberpunk

[27:34 - 28:35] - Troubled Cyberpunk rollout

[30:06 - 31:32] - Working sessions in Abelton

[34:34 - 36:28] - Personal inspirations

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