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NUE Agency Founder Jesse Kirshbaum on how to get an agent

Founder and CEO of the NUE Agency, Jesse Kirshbaum has a lot of experience in both the music space as well as tech innovation. NUE Agency's roster includes popular musicians like Solange, J. Cole, Pusha T, Big Sean, Action Bronson, Meek Mill and Logic. Currently as the Chief Marketing Officer of livestreaming company Dreamstage, Jesse has positioned himself at the cross section of the old and new worlds of entertainment, with a passion for designing unforgettable live and digital experiences. He sits down with Brian and Nick to discuss his time working as a booking agent, his advice for upcoming artists looking for an agency, as well as thoughts on innovations of Web 3.0.

Show Notes:

[2:50] Jesse discusses his time at Gizmondo and what he learned there.

[9:32] How Jesse went from being a promoter to an agent.

[12:06] What an agent is looking for when they sign an artist, and who Jesse is currently working with.

[20:23] The huge potential upsides for artists of Web 3.0, and how much things have already changed with Web 2.0.

[29:39] Exciting developments Jesse has seen at the Solana Conference in Miami.

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