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Nu Deco Ensemble's Jacomo Bairos on the Modern Orchestra

Described in the press as “thrilling,” “inspirational,” and “world-class,” Portuguese-American conductor, producer, and podcast host Jacomo Bairos challenges the preconceptions of orchestral music by fusing genres and instrumentation, providing a modern take on what an orchestra can do. As the co-founder and artistic director of the Nu Deco Ensemble, Jacomo has found ways to challenge and inspire his audience, which has led to collaborations with notable musicians like Wyclef Jean, Tune-Yards, Jacob Collier, and Ben Folds. Jacomo sits down with Brian and Nick to discuss his path towards becoming a conductor, what a conductor's role is, and how he is working to keep orchestral music vibrant and relevant in the 21st century.

Show Notes:

[2:06] Jacomo describes his musical background, starting with learning the tuba in middle school, and eventually leading to touring the world and leading Nu Deco Ensemble.

[13:33] How a conductor leads and inspires an orchestra, and tastefully chooses and arranges music.

[18:15] How Nu Deco is working to combine traditional forms with 21st century instrumentation and interpretations.

[24:28] The pressure of a recording session on orchestral players.

[26:24] Audience reaction to Nu Deco’s initial genre-bending concerts, and how that led to a dedicated social media following.

[32:00] Jacomo’s belief in the importance of authentic and intimate interactions and engagement in the age of YouTube and social media, as well as incorporating modern technology in their own performances.

[39:24] What’s next for Nu Deco Ensemble.

[41:38] Listen to Nu Deco Ensemble’s version of “Get Lucky” by Daft Punk.

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