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Music Economist Will Page on Performance Rights

Former Chief Economist at Spotify Will Page joins the podcast and shares his expertise. As a prolific public speaker, music communicator, and author of Tarzan Economics, Will’s writings are regularly featured in Billboard, The Economist and the Financial Times. He sits down with Brian and Nick to discuss the various issues surrounding Performance Rights Organizations, as well as the music industry’s problem with diminishing engagement.

Show Notes:

[1:16] - How Will got involved with Spotify.

[4:23] - A deep dive discussion of Performance Rights Organizations.

[20:50] - Will’s proposed solution to these issues.

[24:39] - Will’s thoughts on blockchain and Smart Contracts.

[31:53] - How the music industry is missing out on the opportunities posed by the gaming world.

[36:15] - Why Will thinks simplifying copyright and collection is the only path forward for the music industry.

Find Will on LinkedIn and check out Tarzan Economics.

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