PlusMusic Podcast

Meta's Fred Beteille Discusses the Future of Music in Virtual Spaces

Fred Beteille is an industry veteran with 20+ years of experience in media and technology. Currently, as Meta’s Head of Strategy – Audio Initiatives, he is responsible for the company’s Studio and Central Product investments for Music and Audio. Prior to his involvement with Facebook, Fred was a Product Lead at Google / YouTube where he led and worked on initiatives ranging from Content ID, Monetization, Rights Management, Music Apps, and more.  He has spearheaded the launch of many products that, in sum, are used by billions of people around the world, generate billions of dollars in revenue, and are designed to help solve the most complex business and user problems. Brian and Nick sit down with Fred to discuss where the music industry is going, and future opportunities for music in the Metaverse.

Show Notes:

[1:19] Fred explains how the music industry has changed, and the difficulty of processing the sheer scale of reach with the advent of the Internet.

[7:04] How Blockchain technology can impact the music space

[11:16] The technical challenges of creating the Metaverse

[15:21] What musicians need to consider in the future, how they want their music to be used in new digital experiences.

[23:40] Fred talks about his time at Harry Fox Agency and YouTube.

[29:56] What musicians need to prepare for from a legal perspective.

[35:24] Opportunities for music and musicians in virtual spaces.

[40:11] Fred discusses the genesis of TrackTribe and it’s connection to YouTube.

[44:05] Hear “Reset” from TrackTribe's Otis McDonald

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