PlusMusic Podcast

LANDR CEO Pascal Pilon on Building a Musical Community

Veteran tech entrepreneur Pascal Pilon knew the incredible potential of machine learning technology and wanted to apply it to music production as early as 2013. As the CEO of LANDR, Pascal helped the company grow to become the world’s leader in music post-production and digital content management. He joins the podcast to discuss the origins of LANDR, what makes his approach to business startups different, and the challenges along the way.

Show Notes:

[1:50] Pascal’s software and business background, how he started LANDR, and how LANDR fosters a music community.

[10:39] Why Pascal likes to focus on the DIY creators instead of bigger established artists.

[14:03] The types of musicians that have used LANDR the most.

[15:43] The challenges that Pascal ran into when LANDR first started.

[20:39] How LANDR used a content blog to generate buzz for their service.

[24:38] The biggest lessons Pascal learned from previous entrepreneurial endeavors.

[29:44] Pascal’s thoughts on blockchain technology.

[33:25] What’s next for LANDR.

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