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Joel Corelitz on Soundtracking Interactive Experiences

This week we're welcoming the prolific Joel Corelitz to the PlusMusic Podcast. Developing an interest for sounds and electronic music at the age of five, Joel grew up to attended the Oberlin Conservatory of Music pursuing a Major in Technology in Music and Related Arts. Before his transitioning into video game scoring, Joel had worked on various commercials with composition studio, Steve Ford Music. He later set up his own studio, Waveplant Studios, dedicated to creating soundscapes and music for visual mediums and installations.

Titles under his belt include Halo: Infinite, Death Stranding and cult classic The Unfinished Swan. Joel chats with Nick and Brian about his journey as a musician, his knowledge of game development, and his personal method for marrying music to gameplay.


[1:04 - 2:14] Getting his start

[2:50 - 4:56] The function of sacred music

[6:12 - 9:07 ] The Unfinished Swan

[10:00 - 12:22] Game composing as a part of a team

[14:46 -18:13] Audio Branding

[20:24 - 22:46] Starting Waveplant Studios

[23”27 -27:34 ] Working on Halo Infinite

[29:00 - 31:47] Advice for indie composers

[32:06 -33:20 ] Gaming influences

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