PlusMusic Podcast

Digital Media Expert Vickie Nauman on Web 3.0

CEO of boutique consulting and advisory firm CrossBorderWorks, Vickie Nauman joins the pod to discuss the current state of the music industry and how independent artists should think about utilizing the newest technologies and platforms. With her expertise in the intersection of technology and music, Vickie shares some forward-thinking strategies and explains some more complex elements of today’s music industry.

Show Notes:

[1:36] Vickie tells us how she got involved with the hit game Beatsaber, and shares her thoughts on how the music industry can intersect more with gaming.

[11:10] What makes the music industry slower to react despite being so affected by technical innovations.

[18:05] The complications of sync licensing.

[22:20] How the new creator economy gives artists a larger degree of freedom and control over their art, and how an administrative partner can be helpful.

[30:49] Why independent artists need a team.

[32:23] New and exciting prospects of Web 3.0 and an “artist-centric” world.

[37:33] A discussion of what it would take to change the more constrictive elements of the major label business.

[41:56] What’s next for Vickie in 2022.

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