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Composing 101 with Paul Leonard-Morgan

Paul Leonard-Morgan is in his own lane. The Scottish-born composer has built a prolific career, mixing electronic and orchestral styles into a musical concoction all his own. He's worked extensively in film on projects like Dredd and Limitless, on TV with projects like Amazon's Tales from the Loop and Netflix's Wormwood, and more recently on video games like Call of Duty: Mobile, Warhammer III and Cyberpunk 2077. Paul joins Nick and Brian to share his journey as a composer, and to take a deep dive into his process for adding music to media.


[6:26 - 7:58]  Getting the call to score Despicable Me 2

[8:13 - 9:13] Collaborating with a director on a film score

[9:32 - 11:12]  Personal influences

[12:00 - 13:34]  Writing music for video games

[21:54 - 22:45] Finding the right DAW

[23:05 - 26:14] Advice for young composers

[33:52 - 36:37] Immersion and Interactivity

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