Tech Companies To Know with Dmitri Vietze

September 7, 2021

Dmitri Vietze is the Founder and CEO of Rock Paper Scissors, Inc. It was his crazy idea to transform a global music PR firm into what has become a predominant music tech PR firm. Vietze is a regular presenter at SXSW Music, SF MusicTech, Music Biz, APAP, and WOMEX. He is also the director of the annual Music Tectonics Conference, and host of the Music Tectonics podcast. Brian and Nick chat with Vietze about new and exciting tech companies in the world of music, and important strategies for musicians to get their music heard.

Show Notes

[4:37] Dmitri discusses the origins of Rock Paper Scissors, and the PR firm got their start by specializing in helping international artists break into the United States market.

[8:40] Dmitri speaks on the music industry in regards to tech.

[12:00] Dmitri lends advice to independent musicians looking to make bigger strides in the music industry, to learning practical business skills.

[27:15] Dmitri gives our listeners the rundown on the best music tech software and apps on the market, and how they assist musicians or foster fandom.

[39:27] Dmitri talks NFTs and the blockchain as a whole, and how the two are helpful to artists right now.

[41:48] Dmitri tells us what’s next for Music Tectonics, including the Music Tectonics Conference.

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