Spotify's Greenroom Enters the Social Audio Space

June 23, 2021

Yep, they're getting in on it too. Spotify just launched Greenroom, a new app to rival the likes of Clubhouse and Twitter's Spaces. What edge does Greenroom have on its competition? For starters, it's developed by Spotify. Ruling the audio space is something they know how to do. You can count on the eventual Greenroom-hosted concerts and Q&As with your favorite artists, presented by Spotify. In addition, the native recording feature built into the app will allow room-runners to easily turn live sessions into podcasts. Perhaps most importantly, you don't need an invite, or Twitter account to participate. Anyone can use Greenroom, regardless of their mobile device's operating system.

One thing's for certain, Greenroom is another valuable tool for musicians to use to talk with their fans. Spotify is already encouraging musicians to move in this direction, with tips such as "talk about your newest release" and "take a deep dive into your discography." What do you think? Will Greenroom finally convince you to try out social audio?