Join PlusMusic for a Livestream Concert on Game Jolt! 🎶

August 30, 2021

Big news! We're teaming up with the folks at Game Jolt for the first-ever Game Audio Concert, presented by PlusMusic! Stop by our Game Audio Community on Monday, September 13th at 6 pm Pacific Time to see 5 of our favorite artists perform original music (and covers of their favorite video game soundtracks) live on Game Jolt!

Who's coming to the party?

R E L:  Chicago-born, LA-based experimental alternative pop artist / singer-songwriter, whose song "Night City" is featured in Cyberpunk 2077.
Tre Aces: San Diego-based hip-hop artist who writes, produces, performs, and mixes his own music, and was featured in NBA 2K20.
Charles Fauna: Brooklyn-based multi-instrumentalist, who writes and produces his trademark alternative pop sound almost entirely from his bedroom studio.
benches: Anson Kelley and Ruben Gutierrez make up this indie rock outfit, once influenced by the early-2000s garage rock scene, but evolved into what now can only be described as "bench rock."
Surfbort: Hand-picked by iconic rock producer Linda Perry to be part of her new partnership with SoundCloud, Surfbort channels inspiration from the 80s punk scene. with a message of inclusion, love, and friendship.