Professional Marketing Advice from EMPIRE's Moody Jones

October 25, 2021

If you're a musician you don't want to miss this one! Moody Jones grew up in Saudi Arabia and didn't see his first concert until 2005, after his family had emigrated to Canada. Now the Senior Vice President of Digital & Creative at EMPIRE, Moody oversees marketing campaigns for artists, and has an impressive track record of working with top acts such as Iggy Azalea, Carnage, Snoop Dogg and Tyga. He helped Tyga's "Taste" reach a billion views on YouTube, and is currently working on bringing Aaliyah's catalog to streaming services. His deep knowledge of digital ad campaigns and best practices on communication and marketing makes this one of our most valuable episodes for any artist that wants their music heard.

Show Notes

[1:35] Moody’s general thoughts on music release strategies.

[5:51] His music and cultural background.

[11:12] Ad advice, which platform is right for you, the importance of finding out which platforms your demographic uses.

[20:12] Moody’s experience growing up in Saudi Arabia where most music was illegal.

[25:12] What Moody sees on the horizon in music and tech.

[35:12] Moody discusses his role at EMPIRE and the general philosophy and goals of the company.

[41:45] Warnings and more advice!

[44:05] A story about Fireboy DML before we get to hear his track, "Peru"

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