Lazaro Raposo, CEO of Cereal Games, Talks New Title Pecaminosa

October 18, 2021

Lazaro Raposo is a lover of both music and video games. As the CEO of the Azores-based indie game studio Cereal Games, Lazaro oversaw the development of their Pixel-noir Action RPG, Pecaminosa. Lazaro chats with Brian and Nick about his musical background, his early gaming experiences with the Sega Megadrive, and his love of collaboration.

Show Notes

[1:30] Inspiration for Pecaminosa's film noir style

[4:40] Lazaro’s gaming & computer science background

[8:22] Lazaro discusses a surprising choice for one of his favorite games

[10:25] Lazaro’s musical background

[15:28] A discussion of cross-platforming and the future of gaming

[23:18] More details about Cereal Games and gameplay mechanics

[31:10] Info on Portugal’s tech and gaming scene

[37:00] The music of Pecaminosa, how dynamic soundtracks work

[42:46] Hear “Take That You Dirty Rat” from Pecaminosa

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