Composer Yoann Laulan Talks Dead Cells

November 1, 2021

Joining us from Bordeaux, France, composer Yoann Laulan discusses his work on the hit game Dead Cells. He talks about his working relationship with game studio Motion Twin, his early love of game design and rock music, as well as his reaction to the massive success of one of his first major projects.

Show Notes

[1:31] - How Yoann met Motion Twin and got involved with Dead Cells.

[3:20] - A discussion of game jams and how they work.

[7:10] - Yoann's young aspirations.

[10:22] - Who owns the music rights to a video game soundtrack?

[20:23] - The music scene growing up in France.

[23:05] - The current music scene in Bordeaux and how it has changed over time.

[29:20] - Hear “Prisoner’s Awakening” from Dead Cells

You can hear his work on Spotify, or check out his bandcamp page.